Programming PHP, Java, CMS and Flash



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Programming PHP, Java, CMS and Flash

You wish to have your internet presence programmed in PHP or Flash? You need PHP, Java or Visual basic Scripts?Would you like an on-line Shop system, forum, Chat, guest book etc.? Or a content management system thereby an actualization of contents of your Web presence without needing programming knowledge but to be able to do it yourself? Already with the programming of the Internet presence the rules of the search machine optimization should be considered.

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Content Management System
The Content Management System works for web pages. The content management system predominantly serves the publication of web pages with their contents and forms. Today's systems include, beside the Internet component systems for the simple production of a web page, also a complete workflow integration for information out of the Lifecycle management, this means that working processes and/or business processes are technologically supported.

PHP is a programming language and/or a script language in form of an open SOURCE software, which is used for certain applications to the HTML code. PHP serves for the production of dynamic web pages or applications of the Web. PHP is server-laterally implemented, which does not require special abilities for the Browser (for example a creator for a homepage). In addition, no incompatibilities arise like for example with Java script.

Java oder Visual Basic Scripte
Java of the company Sun Microsystems is a registered trade mark for an Object-oriented programming language. Java programs are translated into byte codes and implemented in a special environment and serve the on-line representation and transmission for different graphic data or
animated pictures or likewise. Visual basic Scripts are also programming languages, which serve the fast production of small programs.

Flash is the abbreviation for Adobe Flash, in the past called Macromedia, and is used for the
production of multimedia contents. With this, so-called Flash films are provided. The files are transferred in diagram- and animation formats. For running so-called Flash films a special
running program, Flash Player, is necessary. On web pages a Flash is present e.g. as advertising banners.